LiteWire Demonstration Video

LiteWire demonstration video of inertness and conductivity.

This demonstrates LiteWire’s inertness via an acid test with copper as a control.

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This video was produced by our company President and laboratory technician in 15 minutes. Please no comments on the videography skills of Mr. Rome. This video was produced at the request of several of our prospective partners to address their concern of the inertness of the LiteWire product.

Tests of LiteWire vs. copper was performed in Hydrochloric, Nitric and Sulphuric acid. Nitric acid was chosen for the demonstration due to the immediate visible reaction created. LiteWire showed no reaction in any of the acids, and the copper sample was fully dissolved in each of the acids at various rates. The same LiteWire sample that was in the acid, was taken to the electrical test rig. The LiteWire sample, if post processed, would be equivalent to 22 AWG wire.

The LiteWire sample has not been through any post processing to reduce it to a solid form wire or purification to make the sample a 100% CNT product. The sample will appear to be fiberous, because it is. Post processing in-line purifies LiteWire, removes all porosity, aligns the tubes and compresses it to insure Van Der Waals forces are enabled without collapsing the CNT’s.

Your input on future demonstration videos would be welcome. Please make recommendations on who should be in the video and what properties you would like demonstrated. Please visit the contact us page to let us know. Thank you for your support and input.