What Can LiteWire Do? Everything Copper can, and then some.

LiteWire is a Carbon Conductive Material in wire form.  The material is manufactured in processes that allow for the continuous formation of wire in diameters from .001” to 2”.  LiteWire is engineered to be a direct replacement for copper wire or cable in any application.  It can be insulated, shielded or coated in current processes with no modifications.  It requires no special tools, handling or engineering.  It is a copper equivalent material wire product, with these benefits.

  • Light weight.  1/5th the weight of copper
  • Strong, 20x’s the tensile strength of copper
  • Low thermal expansion, 1/3rd that of copper
  • Non-corrosive in all naturally occurring environments
  • Electrical properties equal to copper conductors for power transmission applications
  • In high frequency AC applications, resistance and impedance drop exponentially.
  • Ideal for communication wire, antennas, and sensor networks
  • Hydrophobic, water is repelled, ice never forms
  • LiteWire meets and/or exceeds ASTM bare copper conductor standards

 Discover the benefits in your application?