Applications_03LiteWire can be used anywhere a metallic conductor is used, and in some places metals cannot go. 

CurTran manufactures LiteWire, a conductive wire, which is a direct replacement for copper.  LiteWire can be substituted in any current manufacturing process that insulates, shields, armors or coats a copper wire.  It can be wound into any diameter stranded cable.  LiteWire exceeds the ASTM standards for bare copper wire and stranded wire.  LiteWire will have it’s own ASTM standard as a bare conductor. 

CurTran has Wire and Cable Manufacturing partners that will provide final products that are used in almost all applications.  CurTran works with our partners to define and certify standards and practices for the LiteWire conductor products manufactured by our partners.  Contact us to become a partner or inquire about your application.

LiteWire has many advantages in various applications.  Below are some of the key categories where LliteWire is utilized and the advantages it has over metallic conductors.

Aerospace.  LiteWire has tremendous advantages over metallic conductors for one main reason, it is light.  A 777 can reduces its total weight by over 4,000lbs by using LiteWire instead of copper.  LiteWire is a direct replacement for the copper conductors and accepts all insulations and shielding.  Connections do not change, whether crimped, soldered, or swaged. Certification of the conductor meets current FAA standards, and can be type replaced in any certified insulated wire.  LiteWire’s capabilities in signal wire can further reduce weight by using a smaller conductor as its copper equivalent, and is still a stronger and more robust wire/cable.

Industrial/Commercial wire and cable.  By adhering to industry standards, industrial environments can expect to fully experience the benefits LiteWire adds.  LiteWire conforms to ASTM, UL, NEMA, ICEA, ANSI and TIA (EIA) standards, as they apply to conductors.  LiteWire will have its own ASTM standard definition as a conductor. The advantages of light weight, strength, corrosion resistance, robustness, low CTE and comparable cost, will add value to any industrial application.  LiteWire’s capabilities make it the perfect choice for even the most stringent Class1 Division1 applications.

High Voltage Power Transmission.  LiteWire delivers the electrical properties and size of copper in HV transmission systems, with the added benefits of low impedance and low resistivity at high frequencies.  The mechanical properties of LiteWire, strong, light, low expansion and hydrophobic add the greatest value to power transmission by lowering installation, maintenance and operating costs.

Magnetic Wire. Motors, transformers, inductors, electromagnets, etc. will last longer, be lighter, and more efficient.  Servo and linear motors benefit the most from LiteWire due to the light weight, corrosion resistance, higher frequency and magnetic field capabilities inherent in LiteWire.

Communication Wire.  LiteWire is well suited for signal transmission due to its low impedance and resistivity at high frequencies.  Bandwidth can be increased many times over while maintaining current sizes of wire and cable.  Signal reliability and integrity are the hallmarks of this class of wire/cable, and LiteWire obsoletes the current copper conductors

Specialty wire.  This is wire and cable that is specifically designed and optimized to LiteWire’s characteristics.  CurTran’s engineering team will design and deliver wire/cable with full standards for your application.  Current customers engaging our engineers are Aviation OEM’s, Oil & Gas product manufacturers, Commercial/Industrial equipment manufacturers and Communication Wire manufacturers.