Green Technology

green_tech_03The Global Copper Wire and Cable Market is over 14 million tons per year; the LiteWire equivalent is 2.6 million tons. Replacing a portion of this copper market with LiteWire will ultimately have significant positive impact on the environment.

Copper mining and refining are very harsh on the environment, from strip mines, acid baths, electrode separation, to smelting.  Nearly 12 times the energy is required to refine copper as is used to produce the equivalent linear feet of LiteWire.

The industrial manufacturing process produces no SOx, NOx, COx or caustic elements as defined by the EPA. There is no waste in the manufacturing of LiteWire, when utilizing natural gas as a raw stock. The carbon is utilized in the tube growth and the hydrogen is utilized to produce electricity to power the facility with the excess sold on the electric grid.

LiteWire, when utilized in HV power transmission, can increase efficiencies by up to 32%.  By optimizing a power transmission grid to LiteWire’s peak performance range, transmission and distribution losses can be reduced up to 60%.  A LiteWire transmission and distribution system has a high power factor.  The use of capacitor banks, phase shifting transformers or FACTS can be reduced, thus lowering capital and maintenance costs of a HV AC power distribution system.  Two to four percent might not seem like a lot, yet these costs represent $100’s of millions a year in waste.

Every electrical wire and cable system can gain efficiencies when utilizing LiteWire.  The transmission grid is the start.  A generator with LiteWire windings produces 2% greater magnetic field strength.  A LiteWire wound generator weighs 60% less, a true low inertia rotor, which produces 2% more electrical power from the same thermal or hydraulic forces.

 How do great things happen, by taking many small steps?  LiteWire delivers small increments of improvement wherever it is applied. These small increments of improvement, add up to giant leaps.  This is CurTran’s belief of what going green is.  The electric car will not be the game changer until it proves out its utilitarian value for the user.  LiteWire can improve the efficiencies of an electric car’s motors, power systems and superstructure, making the electric car one step closer to becoming the game changer the world would like it to be.