Purchase Options

purchase_options_03LiteWire is sold directly to our Partners where value added processing produces standardized wire/cable product.  Contact us to become a partner or to determine which partner has LiteWire available for your needs.

We support our Partners through joint marketing and product certification programs.  Some of our Partners have protected market segments, and all sales inquiries will be directed through the partner.  Contact us to find the Partner in your market. 

We respond to RFP’s for large capital projects. We participate in teaming relationships with many of our Partners to provide complete turnkey projects in the Utilities, Oil & Gas, and Telecommunications industries.  We are continually looking to add value to these large projects.  Contact us to see how we can help on your next project.

We have test facilities to validate applications of LiteWire in your application.  Contact us with your requirements and specifications and let us help.  Certification and standards definition can be an exhaustive process, we can help reduce the time and effort and insure a successful outcome.