CFO Job Posting

Posting ID: EO-1

A Rare Opportunity to Be CFO at Fast-growing, Innovative Nanotechnology Company Entering Industrial Manufacturing Phase Backed With First Multi-billion Contract.

CurTran, LLC is an innovative, nanotechnology company that is privately held with huge ambitions, and it’s already on the way to making it happen. CurTran manufacturers CNT conductors in wire form, which is a direct replacement for copper wire. CurTran has its first order, which is a 20-year $8B contract, and has more opportunities in its pipeline. More than 90% of CurTran’s operations and sales are based outside of the U.S.

About The Role:
CurTran is looking for a seasoned, experienced and highly motivated chief financial officer to help lead the company in its early stage of operations. This role is for one of the initial leaders of this growing company. In this position, you’d have the opportunity to see every aspect of CurTran’s business and have meaningful strategic input on the direction of the company. You will have the opportunity to create a financial planning strategy of your own design, and hire a team beneath you to make it happen. This position would be a voting member of the Executive Team.

Due to the public profile of this position, the individual in this role must represent CurTran’s stakeholders, customers and corporate culture with the utmost honor, respect and strength. Several churches and private schools are minority owners of the company.

– Accountable for the financial health of the organization with the authority to meet this objective.
– Secure capital debt/equity for $130M pilot facility and $1.5B in production facilities (plans and instruments in place).
– Develop and execute M&A transactions to support CurTran’s growth strategy.
– Execute Financial, Governance, Compliance and International plans as well as manage compliance to contracts and regulatory requirements.
– Implement financial policies/procedures/methodologies, measurements, plans, forecasts, budgets, analysis, reports, audits, and compliance in our IT technology.
– Define and establish entity(ies) and structure for domestic and international operations.
– Would act as a key representative of CurTran to various stakeholders.
– Lead by example, maintain high standards, train constantly, communicate succinctly, and always have an executable alternative plan.

$1M+/yr, plus equity, full benefits (regulatory permitting) and perks. Performance-based pay structure with defined metrics.

How To Apply:
Please send resume and cover letter to Must provide verifiable performance/work history and submit three C-Level references.