products-homE_03LiteWire is a carbon nano-tube conductor in wire form. LiteWire is a direct replacement for copper wire. It also replaces any other metallic conductor used today.
Wire is ubiquitous in our world. The transmission of power and signals is essential for any modern society. No one ever thinks about the wire in their home, office, car, train, plane, etc., and that is the way it should be. LiteWire will not be noticed as it replaces metal conductors.

LiteWire is a result of research that began under Professor Smalley at Rice University, and his vision was the Armchair Quantum Wire (AQW). This conductor has tremendous properties for conducting electricity. There is one drawback, the technology and knowledge to produce the AQW is currently out of man’s reach.

CurTran, in conjunction with its partners, NanoRidge Materials and Rice University, discovered alternate methods of producing carbon nano-tubes in wire form.  This research and development resulted in a nearly pure carbon conductor that can be produced on an industrial scale.

LiteWire will be produced in filaments and then processed to form any standard wire size. LiteWire can be delivered in any AWG standard sizing and processed in the same equipment as copper wire. LiteWire can be used as the main conductor and as shielding in a cable application.

The capabilities of LiteWire exceed that of copper and can be delivered on standard spools or to your specific requirements.

CurTran will be offering specialty wire that is optimized for specific applications. These applications are for aerospace vehicles, utility power transmission, military applications, motor windings, and communication cables.