Communication Wire

LiteWire can be used in any application from single wire, twisted pair wire, co-axial cable to HDMI cables.  These wires and cables require one thing, signal clarity.  LiteWire does not suffer from the oxidation or other anomalies that exist in copper wire.  Minor imperfections reduce signal quality and clarity, LiteWire is exactly the same at the beginning of the spool as it is at the end, even when it has sat out in the weather for six months.

 LiteWire can be used as the conductor and/or as the shielding.  A LiteWire conductor and LiteWire shielded cable will reduce external noise  and cross wire signal  interference up to 60% over copper/AL shielded products. 

The Impedance, Capacitance, Signal Delay and Resistance of LiteWire puts it in a class far superior over metallic conductor products.  Contact our engineering sales to assist you in adapting LiteWire to your application and enhancing your products quality and capabilities.