High Voltage Transmission

high_voltage_03LiteWire is the ideal conductor for Power Transmission and Distribution. More power can be transferred through a smaller cross section of cable and that cable can carry its weight and loads over a greater distance.

LiteWire can be shaped, pre-loaded and balanced to eliminate harmonics and other dynamic issues in overhead applications. The advantages of being hydrophobic and a low coefficient of thermal expansion translates into less sagging and breaking of power lines due to ice/snow loads.

As conductors are becoming larger, the skin effect limits the size and capabilities of the conductor and its insulation. LiteWire is not susceptible to the skin effect, as current its transferred down the length of each nanotube.  With billions of nanotubes in each cross section of HV cable, electricity flows evenly across the entire cross section of the LiteWire conductor. 

LiteWire can be utilized in transformers, capacitors, filters, switchgears, circuit breakers and surge arresters.  Performance and reliability of these systems are greatly enhanced.  The reduced weight of these LiteWire systems reduces over all installation costs.  The noncaustic, nonreactive properties of LiteWire increases life of these systems and reduces ownership costs. 

LiteWire gives utilities the advantage of retrofitting powerlines with higher capacities without modifing the conduits or other fixed infrastructure.  Shielding with LiteWire also reduces the diameter of insulation required to produce the shield. 

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