We are looking for Industrial partners who are interested in developing customized products using CurTran’s Litewire.

LiteWire has tremendous advantages over copper conductors. These advantages add substantial value to wire and cable products for industrial and commercial applications. The advantages are:

Light Weight. More products can be shipped and handled for lower costs. Lower installation costs, as a worker can carry and pull more cable.
Low Resistance. An excellent conductor of electricity.
Low Impedance. Lower power losses.
Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE). No dissimilar connection issues or creeping. Stable in high temperature applications.
Non-Corrosive. Inert material that can be utilized in caustic environments without failing.
High Strength and fatigue resistant. Perfect for high motion equipment and structural conductors.
Low Noise and higher signal clarity.

Industrial and commercial products in the higher voltage range are engineered products designed for specific attributes and to defined standards.   Contact our engineering department to support your efforts in utilizing LiteWire in your application.