Magnetic Wire

magnetic_03LiteWire’s capabilities as a conductor are ideally suited to transformers, motors, and other electromagnetic field utilizing applications.

LiteWire can be insulated with all current varnishes, enamels, formvar, polyurethanes, polyesters, glass, etc., just as copper conductors are coated.  LiteWire winding wire will have several NEMA classifications and is UL and ASTM certifiable. 

LiteWire windings produce field strengths equal to or greater than copper windings while reducing weight, increasing life and expanding operating temperatures of appliances.  High RPM motors are very well suited to LiteWire, due its low impedance and light weight. 

Specialty LiteWire products are optimized for electrical to electrical transformation and electrical to mechanical transformation.  Contact us to discover how LiteWire can improve your products.