About CurTran

about-home_03CurTran’s sole purpose is to industrialize the production of Carbon conducting wire form, so that it can be a direct replacement for metallic conductors in wire and cable applications. CurTran, in conjunction with its partners NanoRidge Materials and Rice University, has developed a method of producing Carbon Conducting Wire (CCW) continuously; and this capability is protected by its intellectual property.

Through its 4 years of R&D, CurTran now possesses all of the IP, knowledge, and knowhow to build the customized furnace and manufacture the CCW. This puts CurTran in the unique position of being poised to become the first commercial manufacturer of Carbon Conducting Wire, and its first commercial product is known as LiteWire.

Operations are located in the following areas:

  • Corporate Headquarters, located in Houston Texas 
  • Test Facility, located in Houston Texas and operated by NanoRidge and made available to Rice University researchers.
  • Future Pilot Plant, located in Houston, TX
  • Future Production facilities are to be located in various global markets.

CurTran is looking for industrial partners and customers who are interested developing products using LiteWire. Contact us to become a Partner, a Customer, or inquire about our research and development activities.

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to become a Partner, a Customer or inquire about our research and development activities.